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AI Music to be Allowed on Spotify – A Bad Thing for Art?

Spotify recently reinstated music from Boomy – an artificial intelligence music generator, after it was initially removed due to concerns raised by people in the music industry over artificial streaming numbers.

Now that Boomy will continue supplying AI-generated music to the world’s biggest digital audio/music, podcast and video service, the question we are trying to find the answer to here is, is AI music a bad thing for art? Let’s take a closer look and find out.

What is AI music?

AI music is new music created by an artificial intelligence music generator. It is designed to mimic famous artists and could change how we listen to music. Some people are all for the new musical content created by AI, and others say that it is a bad thing.

People have said that music generated by AI-powered tools like Boomy, which was recently reinstated on Spotify, can lessen the value of a brand and even decrease demand for solo artists and bands’ talents.

If everyone starts listening to AI-generated music, there would no longer be a need for real musicians, which many talented artists and managers say is devastating, and they are truly outraged by this. If not used correctly, AI-generated music could end up being the death knell for the music industry.

However, it could also be a useful new tool that artists could potentially use to their advantage. However, it’s nowhere near ready to start smashing out a number of hits in under a few hours. We are still a long way from that kind of level. It’s mainly being used to create stock music for use in videos.

It may not be too long before AI can create entire albums and symphonies. Only time will tell how far the technology will advance. Is AI music on Spotify a bad thing for art? You be the judge.

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How much is a Spotify subscription?

If you sign up to Spotify today, you can choose between several plans. They include the following:

  • Mini – R11.99 per week. This is for one account on a mobile device only. Included in this plan are things like group sessions, the ability to download 30 songs on one device, and ad-free music listening on mobile
  • Individual – R59.99 per month. This payment starts with one-month free subscription for one account and includes ad-free music listening, playing songs in any order, playing anywhere, even when you’re offline, and prepaying or subscribe
  • Duo – R79.99 per month. This payment starts with one-month free subscription for two accounts (two accounts for a couple that together are residing under one roof) and includes playing songs in any order and ad-free music listening, playing offline, and prepaying or subscribed
  • Family – R99.99 per month. This payment starts with one month free subscription for up to six accounts of a family all living at the same address, and includes the ability to block explicit music, prepay or subscribe, ad-free music listening, play offline, and play songs in any order

Don’t forget that Spotify is also currently running a special offer for students. They can get one month of the Premium package for free.

Top songs to listen to today on Spotify

If you want to listen to some of today’s most popular songs after you sign up to Spotify, the most popular track to check out before any others is greedy by Tate McRae from the greedy album. At number 2 right now is Paint the Town Red by Doja Cat (from the Scarlet album).

At number 2 is a song called Strangers by Kenya Grace from the Strangers album. There’s also Cruel Summer by Taylor Swift at number 4 from the Lover album. If that’s not enough to keep you going, there’s also 3D (featuring Jack Harlow) at #5, and bad idea right by Olivia Rodrigo at #6.

Quick facts about Spotify

Here are a few quick facts about Spotify – the world’s biggest online digital music, podcast, and video streaming service. Spotify launched in 2008, and it now has a huge collection of over 70,000,000 songs for listeners to choose from. In other words, there’s something for everyone.

Podcasts were introduced by Spotify in 2015, and the company is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. Spotify allows offline listening, and it supports high-quality audio streaming. Spotify has helped revolutionize how we listen to music, and for millions of subscribers around the world, it has become an integral part of their everyday lives.